Welcome to Open Networked Learning (ONL141) starting today!!!

Dear colleagues,

We are excited to welcome you to join the ONL course!

The first topic is connecting and networking and it will give us all the opportunity to connect with and get to know each other and familiarise with the learning environment and tools used.

Please have a look around this ONL homepage where you will find information about the first topic, course design, the learning environment and tools and the topics.

The space where most of the activity will take place is the ONL community in Google+ where we will discuss and share ideas. You will need a Google + account to participate there (see Tools tab for guidance). The ONL community can also be accessed via the ONL homepage. Please go there and Ask to join as soon as possible as a way to confirm your participation in the ONL course.

During the first week there will also be informal orientation webinars arranged in Adobe Connect (two alternative times, same content). For more information please see Topics overview and schedule

We are looking forward to seeing you online!

The ONL team


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