Welcome to the second week of Topic 1!

Dear friends,

We are very pleased to see that so many joined the ONL community during the first week and we hope that even more will join during this second week of Topic 1. Thank you for all interesting introductions in the community and it is great to see that many already have shared links to blogs and started to reflect on “Digital me”.

We know that the first weeks of the course can feel somewhat overwhelming and chaotic to find your way in a new learning environment and knowing what to do. To get a clearer picture of and to reflect on what it can mean to be a learner in an open course, please see post shared by Jörg with a short YouTube video and comments https://plus.google.com/104562901653776588911/posts/JvCoQiQk1NX

Many of you have joined a PBL group that now is forming and starting to work. There are 6 facilitated groups that are almost full, but it is still possible to sign up. You can view the PBL groups here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1opLE7VIfjemjvYd5YHcIt5faw6_oZyfVd-DPM53HHDY/edit

For those of  you who are not engaged in a PBL group you are welcome to post thoughts and discuss here https://plus.google.com/101447287124964434181/posts/PbJ8A5YP4Jr

During the first week we have had two informal orientation webinars in Adobe Connect. For those who were not able to join you can view a recording https://connect.sunet.se/p3l10vob7bv/


ONL learning environment explained

For the continuation of topic 1 please find information on this ONL site https://opennetworkedlearning.wordpress.com/topics/topic-1/. One of the activities we suggest för topic 1 is to create a blog starting with a post “The digital me”, reflecting on who you are as an individual in the digital age and your journey so far. You can start making links between the digital me in your personal and professional life and think about what you would like to get out of ONL, how and why. We also suggest that you use some of the literature and share the link to your blog with others in the ONL community. You may also want to share the link to your blog on our Open Networked Learning bloglist, a Padlet page which gives an overview and easy access to all the blogs. http://padlet.com/alacre/ONLblog

We would like to remind you that it is possible to sign up to follow the posts on the ONL website, please see this start page.

We are really looking forward to continue to network and learn together with you in the ONL community and in the PBL groups.

We wish you all a great start of the second week!

Kind regards,
the ONL team


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