Welcome to the concluding week of ONL151!

Dear colleagues,

As we are entering the final week of the Open Networked Learning course, summer is approaching. Now is the time to look back into these past weeks and reflect on things learnt and skills attained. Where were you in the digital world in the end of March and where are you now? During this concluding week, peers and facilitators will reflect on and share learning experiences from ONL as well as look ahead what this might mean for present and future practices. What effect has the learning experiences from this course had on the development of your personal learning networks and environments as well as your own professional practice? What were the benefits and what were the challenges? What are the next steps?

Please view the tab Concluding week – ONL future perspectives for suggested activities. We hope that many of you will be able to participate in the final webinar on Tuesday, June 9th, at 10.30-12 am (CET). The intention with the webinar is to give all learners and facilitators the opportunity to reflect on and share experiences and to discuss various aspects of the ONL course.

Kind regards,

The ONL team


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