Welcome to Topic 4 – Flexible and mobile learning

Last week was all about collaboration and communities and we were happy to see so much discussion and activity in the main forum as well as in the groups! Collaboration can be visualized in many forms, padlets for one.

This week we will have a flipped webinar based on Jonas Månsson lecture. Please watch the lecture in advance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKW5sULcEkY

Today, another interesting topic of the ONL course starts: Flexible and mobile learning (see topic 4). This will give you ample opportunity to reflect on what flexible and mobile means to you and consider the pros and cons of flexibility and mobility in the context of learning and teaching. This week there are again two scenarios to choose between, one with focus on mobile learning and the other one problematising the interplay between collaborative and flexible learning. We were also able to get a short introduction to flexible learning through Alastair’s short video.

In our timeline we have reached Topic 4 : 




Read more and take part of  Topic 4 Activities and Resources 

See you all online.

The ONL team


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