Welcome to topic 4 – Flexible Learning

Dear colleagues,

In our timeline we have reached topic 4 – Flexible and mobile learningplease see the timeline below. Please notice that Topic 4 will last for two weeks because of Easter.

This topic will start with a webinar already today Monday 21st March at 10 am (CET) with Dr Martha Cleveland Innes, Professor and Chair of Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University!

It is very interesting to take part of your blog posts, please remember to visit the ONL161 blog padlet and add your blog if you would like to have more readers, and you can find blogs from your peers…



If you are aiming for a certificate you should, in addition to be active in your PBL group, by now have published at least one topic-related blog post  (as the requirements include to write topic-related blog posts to at least 4 out of the 6 topics). Read more about participation here.

We wish you all a happy Easter!

Kind regards the ONL team

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