Open Networked Learning ONL162 starts 26 September

The second ONL course of the year starts 26 September and you are welcome to register either as a member of the host institutions (see below) or as an open learner.

This course is aimed at teachers, learning technologists, educational developers and course designers in higher education. It presents opportunities to explore a multitude of aspects of open networked learning with colleagues from around the world in a multidisciplinary and cross cultural context.

During the course you will work with the following:

  • How to create collaborative and flexible learning environments online
  • Test problem-based learning in open online platforms
  • Develop your professional learning network
  • Test a range of digital tools and methods in a pedagogical context
  • Learn about the latest research and new trends in the field

ONL is offered by the following institutions: Karolinska Institute, Lund University, Linnaeus University, the Royal Institute of Technology (all Sweden) and Independent Institute of Education (South Africa). Participants from other institutions are welcome to sign up as open learners.

More information and registration



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