Developing digital literacy – last week of topic 1

Dear colleagues,

In this final week of topic 1 “Connecting – online participation and digital literacies” we have already seen some very interesting reflections in the participants’ blogs!
The start of the ONL course seem to have been somewhat confusing (which might not be at all bad) and at the same time enjoyable with connecting to lots of other learners across the world and across context, sharing the same interest for learning and how to develop ourselves as e.g. teachers or educational developers… If you have not had time yet to take part of some blog posts from the other participants, please do and we think you will find it fascinating!

In case you missed the webinar with Sara Mörtsell it was recorded, it was indeed an interesting discussion and seems to have inspired the investigations in the PBL groups.

Towards the end of this week all groups will share their results of investigation of the first scenario, we look forward to that!

Kind regards the ONL team

One thought on “Developing digital literacy – last week of topic 1

  1. Very interesting about the Digital Citizenship and the concept of Visitor vs Resident when it comes to your personal self or your professional self. Everyone seems to want to be Resident as a person but Visitor as professional and it seems that personally I want to keep a low profile and to be Visitor as a private person but Resident as a professional. Great Start !

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