Topic 3 begins today: Learning in communities – networked & collaborative learning

Dear colleagues,

Halfway through the course, we hope you have enjoyed it so far and learnt a lot!

Topic 3 begins today! Please note that Europe changed time this weekend (because of day-light-saving) and now it is CET (Central European Time) and no longer CEST (Central European Summer Time). A challenge for a course like ONL with synchronous events with people from all over the world 😉

Is 1+1=2 or is there more to it? The coming two weeks will be all about learning in communities, networking and collaboration. Many of of us probably have experiences from group work, that for some reason hasn’t worked all that well (for instance it may have turned out as cooperative rather than collaborative?)  When it really works well, how does this change the way we learn? And networking, in this age of social media, how can this be used for learning and how can we build Personal Learning Networks (PLN) to support this?

In this topic we offer the following common course events:

Kind regards the course team


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