Learning environment

The course site – you are here! 

This is where you find all information about the course: how to participate, course overview, course design, learning activities, tools, background etc. Each week we publish information and instructions for the latest topic. You can also check the overview here on the course site. Below there is a short film that shows you how the main course site is organised.

The communities

The main community
An ONL community space in Google+ has been set up for all participants to join and will be used for presentation, discussion and sharing. You need a Google account to join the community, simply ask to join the community at the start of the course. This community is an open space for discussion, sharing resources, asking questions and being social. Join the community here (will open for the course start in September)

Here is a video showing you how to use Google+ in your course work.

Your PBL-group
Each PBL group will have its own community in a google + group. This is where the group work takes place and where you will discuss and work on the topics. The result of each week’s group work should be published on the main community so everyone can see what you have done. Links to each PBL-group will be mailed out at the start of the course. For questions, contact any of the facilitators of the course team.

Individual reflection – your Learning blog

To meet the course requirements you must write reflective posts on the course topics in your own blog. You can create a blog easily using WordPress, Blogger or other blogging tools. Read more about learning blog in ONL.

Tools for creation and collaboration

We use a lot of other tools during the course – see the tools page