Welcome to the concluding week of the ONL course

Dear colleagues,

We have now entered the last week of the Open Networked Learning course. During this concluding week, peers and facilitators will share and reflect on learning experiences from ONL as well as look ahead what this might mean for our present and future practices. What effect has the learning experiences from this course had on your development of personal learning networks and environments as well as your own professional practice? What were the benefits and what were the challenges? What are the next steps?

Please view the tab Concluding week – future perspectives for suggested activites; both individual, PBL groups and collective for us all in the ONL community.
We hope that many of you will be able to participate in the final webinar on Wednesday 10 December 19.00-20.30 (CET). The intention with the webinar is to give all learners and facilitators the opportunity to reflect on and share experiences and to discuss various aspects of the ONL course.


Kind regards the ONL team

Welcome to topic 5 – Open Educational Practices

Dear friends,

We hope you are all well and have used topic 4 to learn more about flexible learning and pedagogies but also to identify opportunities and challenges for your students and your practice.

It is really lovely that there is so much activity in the ONL community and to see how you capture your learning in your blogs. Groups are also making good progress and it is fantastic to see what the groups are sharing! We want to encourage you all to share in the ONL community, also your experiences and critical reflections from participating in the ONL course so far.

In topic 5 we will discuss open educational practices and you will have the opportunity to reflect on and perhaps identify opportunities to open up your courses. Share your thoughts about and experiences of Open Educational Practices and also take part of the debate around MOOCs (see suggested resources) and raise questions for discussion in the ONL community. We will also arrange a webinar on Friday 28 November 11.30-12.30 (CET) when we can discuss MOOCs based on experiences from the MOOC project at Lund University.

If you have no experience of a MOOC you may want to enroll in one, just to have a look. You can find free courses online at any of the platforms like edX, Coursera or FutureLearn! Browse among the different courses, make sure you sign up for one that has started (in order to see the activity). You can sign up for as many as you want, and you are not obliged to fulfill the courses, many people sign up and choose to take parts of MOOCs that is of interest to them.

Let’s continue the conversation in our ONL community!

See you all online.

The ONL team

Welcome to Topic 4 – Flexible and mobile learning

Last week was all about collaboration and communities and we were happy to see so much discussion and activity in the main forum as well as in the groups! Collaboration can be visualized in many forms, padlets for one. Many of you were able to attend the webinar with Steve Wheeler on Tuesday evening, we hope you found it interesting and enjoyed it! Those of you who couldn’t attend have the option to watch the recording and download the presentation on the Overview and Schedule page. We were also able to get a short introduction to Twitter through Alastair’s short video, and if you have missed that it may be a good idea to watch now (see tutorials on the Tools for ONL page).

Today, another interesting topic of the ONL course starts: Flexible and mobile learning (see topic 4). This will give you ample opportunity to reflect on what flexible and mobile means to you and consider the pros and cons of flexibility and mobility in the context of learning and teaching. This week there are again two scenarios to choose between, one with focus on mobile learning and the other one problematising the interplay between collaborative and flexible learning.

For this week’s webinar, we have invited Jonas Månsson to give a presentation about Creative and innovative digital pedagogical learning and teaching methods. This will take place tomorrow, Wednesday May 13th, at 3-4 pm (15:00-16:00) CET (go to event page from Overview and schedule page).

See you all online.

The ONL team

Welcome to Topic 3 – Collaborative learning and communities

We hope you are all well and that you feel more and more comfortable with the ONL environment and activities. We are happy to see that topic 2 on Digital literacies seem to have given you good opportunities to reflect on and identify how these relate to your current personal and professional practice. It is wonderful to see that so many of you have reflected on your ‘Digital me’ and that many also engaged in the ONL community discussion with Kristina. There is good activity in most PBL groups and it is really interesting to read the shared findings from the group work each week. We hope that you all continue to be active in commenting on individual blogs and the shared findings from the PBL groups.

In this topic starting today we will have the opportunity to discuss collaborative learning & communities. We think you will find this topic very valuable as this is at the very heart of the ideas behind ONL. Please see Topic 3 for more information!.

During this topic we are arranging a webinar on Friday 14 Nov 2.30-3.30 pm (CET) where you will have the opportunity to meet Steve Wheeler and to discuss “Personal learning networks and environments” (PLN/PLE). You may also want to follow his blog http://steve-wheeler.blogspot.se/

We have noticed that several of you have started using Twitter and we encourage you all to learn more about and try out Twitter as one of the tools in building Personal Learning Networks. You can view Alastairs video “What is Twitter?” to learn more.

We wish you all another exciting week and see you online.

The ONL team

Welcome to Topic 2 – Digital literacy!

Dear friends,

We hope you are all well and have used topic 1 to familiarise yourself with the ONL course, the different spaces and making connections with peers and facilitators within the ONL community and/or your PBL group. We are pleased that so many have started sharing experiences and reflections in your blogs and that PBL groups have met in hangouts and tried out collaborative inquiry based on the provided scenario.

As we are now entering topic 2, it will be useful to reflect on what you have learnt so far and how this relates to your practice. You may add this in your blog and also finalize and share your “Digital me post” during the week. Feel free to share the link to your blog in our ONL community and/or the ONL bloglist. Please also share your PBL group work on Topic 1 in the ONL community. Support each other with comments on each others posts in the community and in blogs.

In topic 2 we will discuss Digital Literacies and how these link to our own practices. We hope that you will actively engage in discussions with your peers and the invited resource person Kristina Alexandersson. Check out Topic 2 for suggested activities.

Please remember, if you learn within a facilitated PBL group, to access your PBL group space in Google + regularly and participate in the group activities. If you are having difficulties with actively participating during the week, let the group members and the facilitator know as soon as possible.

We wish you a nice week and see you online,

The ONL team

Welcome to the second week of Topic 1!

Dear friends,

We are very pleased to see that so many joined the ONL community during the first week and we hope that even more will join during this second week of Topic 1. Thank you for all interesting introductions in the community and it is great to see that many already have shared links to blogs and started to reflect on “Digital me”.

We know that the first weeks of the course can feel somewhat overwhelming and chaotic to find your way in a new learning environment and knowing what to do. To get a clearer picture of and to reflect on what it can mean to be a learner in an open course, please see post shared by Jörg with a short YouTube video and comments https://plus.google.com/104562901653776588911/posts/JvCoQiQk1NX

Many of you have joined a PBL group that now is forming and starting to work. There are 6 facilitated groups that are almost full, but it is still possible to sign up. You can view the PBL groups here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1opLE7VIfjemjvYd5YHcIt5faw6_oZyfVd-DPM53HHDY/edit

For those of  you who are not engaged in a PBL group you are welcome to post thoughts and discuss here https://plus.google.com/101447287124964434181/posts/PbJ8A5YP4Jr

During the first week we have had two informal orientation webinars in Adobe Connect. For those who were not able to join you can view a recording https://connect.sunet.se/p3l10vob7bv/


ONL learning environment explained

For the continuation of topic 1 please find information on this ONL site https://opennetworkedlearning.wordpress.com/topics/topic-1/. One of the activities we suggest för topic 1 is to create a blog starting with a post “The digital me”, reflecting on who you are as an individual in the digital age and your journey so far. You can start making links between the digital me in your personal and professional life and think about what you would like to get out of ONL, how and why. We also suggest that you use some of the literature and share the link to your blog with others in the ONL community. You may also want to share the link to your blog on our Open Networked Learning bloglist, a Padlet page which gives an overview and easy access to all the blogs. http://padlet.com/alacre/ONLblog

We would like to remind you that it is possible to sign up to follow the posts on the ONL website, please see this start page.

We are really looking forward to continue to network and learn together with you in the ONL community and in the PBL groups.

We wish you all a great start of the second week!

Kind regards,
the ONL team

Welcome to Open Networked Learning (ONL141) starting today!!!

Dear colleagues,

We are excited to welcome you to join the ONL course!

The first topic is connecting and networking and it will give us all the opportunity to connect with and get to know each other and familiarise with the learning environment and tools used.

Please have a look around this ONL homepage where you will find information about the first topic, course design, the learning environment and tools and the topics.

The space where most of the activity will take place is the ONL community in Google+ where we will discuss and share ideas. You will need a Google + account to participate there (see Tools tab for guidance). The ONL community can also be accessed via the ONL homepage. Please go there and Ask to join as soon as possible as a way to confirm your participation in the ONL course.

During the first week there will also be informal orientation webinars arranged in Adobe Connect (two alternative times, same content). For more information please see Topics overview and schedule

We are looking forward to seeing you online!

The ONL team