ONL191 starting soon – work in progress🎉

The next iteration of ONL starts 18 February. The course team is busy planning for the course and building our new course site… exciting! Look at the overview, here, and register, here – obviously you’ll want to join😉!

If you are a previous ONL course participant, spread the word among your friends and colleagues!

/The course team

Second week of topic 1 – finding one’s feet

So, we’re well into the second week of topic 1 and you are probably beginning to find your feet. Sara Mörtsell’s webinar last week was attended by many and, as always, greatly appreciated – don’t forget that you can still ask Sara questions in the main G+ community and she will pop in and respond now and then this week!

For this week, we have a tweetchat, on Friday 12 October, at 12.00-13.00 (CEST). Tune in to Twitter, enter the course hashtag #ONL181 and take part in the discussion! Learn more about how on the event page!

Hope you are all having a brilliant week!

The course team


At last – proper course start: topic 1!

Dear colleagues,
We’ve seen a great start of ONL181 with lots of activity in the common ONL181 community, in the PBL groups and in the blogs!

We know that the first weeks of the course feel slightly overwhelming to most participants – but don’t worry, it will get a lot clearer once you start finding your way around the different sites and communities! And don’t hesitate to ask for help ;o)

It was great to see so many of you at the introductory webinar! We hope the technical difficulties was just a one-off since Zoom normally is well-behaved… ;o)

We are now going into the third week of the course which means that the first topic begins! The PBL groups will start their work with a scenario and the first topic related blog posts will be made, please find information about topic 1 here.
We are very happy to offer a webinar with Sara Mörtsell, program leader of the Wikipedia Education program in Sweden and Education Manager at Wikimedia Sweden, this week. We will hear about and discuss e.g. what it means to be digitally literate and what skills we need to develop for that… Hope to see many of you on Wednesday 3 October at 10am CEST!!

Have a great week!
The course team