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The Independent Institute of Education (IIE) is the leading private higher education institution in South Africa. Through its educational brands, it operates across 20 sites offering more than 80 registered and accredited undergraduate and postgraduate higher education programmes on its Varsity College, Vega, Rosebank College and DSSA campuses.

The IIE invests in a range of academic development activities for faculty members as it promotes the professionalization of higher education teaching. The Open Networked Learning (ONL) course provides an opportunity to further develop our lecturers’ teaching portfolios in an open context as we embed and scale blended learning experiences for our students in both the contact and distance modes of delivery.

The IIE Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education examines contemporary issues while the topics covered in the ONL course provides an arena for the acquisition of a new set of skills in collaborative learning, networked learning, open educational practices and learning design; and a further opportunity to apply new knowledge and skills in collaborative groups.

Participants from any one of the educational brands and central academic team are invited to register as an open problem-based learner under The IIE name. There are two iterations per year – one that commences in February and the other in September. Anne Whaits (Academic Manager at Varsity College) is the ONL course coordinator for the IIE and she will arrange institutional meetings to support the IIE participants on the ONL journey. She can be contacted directly for more information on


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